This Getting Started guide covers setting up your groov project and configuring it within the Node-RED for groov nodes. This guide also provides a few examples of how to use it all.


To use Node-RED for groov, the following programs and packages must be available:

  • groov 3.3
    • The Data Store device used by the groov nodes was added in groov 3.3.
    • The latest version of groov is available at
  • Node-RED
  • groov Nodes
    • The groov nodes must be installed within Node-RED.


Beyond the above prerequisites, the following steps must be taken to use the nodes:

  1. Configure a Data Store device within the groov project.
  2. Configure the nodes to communicate with the groov project and a Data Store.
  3. Create flows in Node-RED to use the Data Store.

Each of these steps is described in the following sections.

Next Step

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