This Getting Started guide covers:


To use the groov Manage REST API, the following hardware and software is required:

  • groov EPIC processor (GRV-EPIC-PR1) with System Version 1.1.0 or later
  • Web Browser
  • HTTPS client, like cURL or an HTTPS programming library


Throughout this guide, we’ll be using cURL to send API requests. cURL is a lightweight command-line tool that lets you make HTTPS requests without a web browser. You can try out API requests in your command prompt without having to build a working web application.

On a Unix-like system, such as Linux and OSX, you’ll probably have cURL available already. In Windows, there are installs available here.

HTTPS and JSON with Common Programming Languages

HTTPS is usable from every common programming language, either from the language’s standard library or from an external library. Most languages also have several ways of dealing with JSON.

Please see documentation for your programming language of choice for more information on how to make HTTPS requests and work with JSON.


Each request is authenticated by means of an API key. Every user on a groov EPIC processor has an API key associated with their account.

To find a user’s API key, open groov Manage in a web browser and navigate to the Accounts page and click on the user. The API key is listed near the bottom of the page.

When making a request, the API key needs to be added as a custom HTTP header named “apiKey”.

To use the groov Manage REST API, the groov user must have permission to access groov Manage.

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