Welcome to the official Opto 22 Developer site.

Developing with groov EPIC

Breakdown of tools and programming options available for the groov EPIC, including Secure Shell (SSH) access.


General information about Node-RED.

Node-RED for groov View

Node-RED nodes for communicating with groov View Data Store tags.

Node-RED for groov I/O

Node-RED nodes for using groov I/O modules and channels.

Node-RED for PAC Control

Node-RED nodes for communicating with groov EPIC and SNAP PAC industrial controllers.

groov View REST API

Access groov View Data Store tags over the groov View REST API

groov Manage REST API

Access services from the groov Manage REST API, including I/O.


Programming CODESYS on groov EPIC controllers.

Raspberry Pi

Control Opto 22 input/output modules with a PiĀ®.


Access PAC Control tags over the PAC Control REST API.

.NET Libraries

Use .NET with various Opto 22 protocols.

C++ for OptoMMP

Use C++ with the OptoMMP protocol.

Python for OptoMMP

Use Python with the OptoMMP protocol.

Code Samples and Videos

Tools to get started faster.


CODESYS section added to the Developer site
Oct 19, 2022

Node-RED for groov I/O v1.0.0 Released
Dec 6, 2019

Developing with groov EPIC
Jan 23, 2019

Access groov I/O with new REST API for groov Manage.
Aug 6, 2018

Node-RED Nodes for groov View and PAC Control now support groov EPIC
May 23, 2018

New Workshop Videos: Node-RED for the IoT
Nov 14, 2017

Log groov data to Excel
Sep 28, 2017

Use Access and Excel to get data from groov
Sep 22, 2017

Subscribe and Publish with MQTT Nodes, groov & SNAP PAC
Sep 20, 2017

Create a Weather App with groov and Node-RED
Aug 29, 2017