Node-RED for groov I/O v1.0.0 Released

We’re very pleased to announce the availability of Node-RED nodes for communicating with groov I/O.

Node-RED is a “tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.”

The groov I/O nodes make use of the secure REST API built into groov EPIC systems.

The nodes are open source software, licensed with the Apache 2.0 license. They are published in the central registry, and the source code is available on GitHub.

For more information, visit the Node-RED for groov I/O section of the Opto 22 Developer site.

Developing with groov EPIC

The Opto 22 developer site has an entirely new section for all things groov EPIC!

This main landing page gives an overview of the many programming tools available to EPIC developers:

  • Secure Shell (SSH) for custom programming applications.
  • REST APIs that provide HTTPS access to control and data.
  • OptoMMP, the underlying memory-map protocol in EPIC.
  • IEC 61131-3 for control programming.
  • Ignition Edge with external PLC drivers.
  • MQTT Sparkplug for communicating device I/O and variable data over secure sockets.
  • Node-RED provides connectivity between Internet of Things (IoT) devices, cloud services, and more.

As well as descriptions of these methods there are new pages with extra details for Secure Shell (SSH), REST APIs, Python, and SSL Certificates for Browsers.

Be sure to check back regularly for new content as this resource grows.

Access groov I/O with new REST API for groov Manage.

Opto 22 has released a REST API for accessing groov I/O from its new groov EPIC system.

The groov Manage REST API provides secure access to the groov I/O modules installed on a groov EPIC chassis. Using it, you can create software that will:

  • Read and write analog and digital channels
  • Use channel features, like digital latches and analog min/max values
  • Discover what modules are installed on the chassis
  • Read and write the configuration of channels or the whole I/O unit
  • Read and write to any OptoMMP address

To support this new feature, a new groov Manage REST API section has been added to the Opto 22 Developer site.

The groov Manage REST API is available in groov EPIC firmware 1.1.0-b47.

Node-RED Nodes for groov View and PAC Control now support groov EPIC

Opto 22 has released new versions of its Node-RED nodes to support the groov EPIC system.

The Opto 22 Developer site has also been updated to fully reflect Node-RED support for the groov EPIC system.

To update an installed node in Node-RED, open Settings, select Palette, find the node, and click on the update button.

Node-RED for groov View

Node-RED for groov View 1.1.0 has been released and supports all versions of groov View, including groov EPIC processors (GRV-EPIC-PR1), groov Edge Appliance (GROOV-AR1), and groov Server for Windows.

This project was previously known as “Node-RED for groov”.

Node-RED for PAC Control

Node-RED for PAC Control 1.1.0 has been released and supports both groov EPIC and SNAP PAC controllers running a PAC Control strategy.

This project was previously known as “Node-RED for SNAP PAC”.

New Workshop Videos: Node-RED for the IoT

Opto 22 has released a new series of workshop videos—Intro to Node-RED—hosted by Terry Orchard.

In the series, Terry shows how to use Node-RED with your Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

Open-source Node-RED is included in the groov Edge Appliance. With Node-RED built in, you can quickly build simple logic flows behind operator interfaces that interact with devices, software, online services, and more.

The videos are available on both the Opto 22 website and on the Opto Video channel on YouTube.

Intro to Node-RED, featuring Terry Orchard

Log groov data to Excel

This fast and easy sample lets you log data from groov to a Microsoft® Excel® worksheet.

If you’re comfortable using groov, you can get set up and start logging sample data to Excel in five minutes or less.

And with the Visual Basic for Applications® (VBA) code in the workbook, you can create your own spreadsheet to log real-time data from your company’s production systems.

Get the download file here: Logging groov data to an Excel Worksheet (

Log _groov_ data to Excel

Use Access and Excel to get data from groov

If you want to use Microsoft® Access® or Excel® to analyze data in a groov Data Store, these code samples are for you.

Sharing groov data with Access and Sharing groov data with Excel are the newest code samples in our library.

But these samples are more than “learning activities”—they include a fully-functional Access database file and Excel workbook that you can use practically out-of-the-box.

  • Just enter your groov Box’s Hostname and API key in the sample file, and immediately you can start accessing the data in your groov Data Stores.

  • Then, look under the covers at the VBA code in each sample to kickstart writing your own custom applications with Access and Excel.

You can download the code samples and instructions from the Opto 22 Downloads webpage:

Subscribe and Publish with MQTT Nodes, groov & SNAP PAC

Curious to know how to access your industrial data over MQTT?

If so, check out Subscribe and Publish with MQTT Nodes, groov & SNAP PAC, our newest step-by-step OptoTutorial.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Node-RED to subscribe and publish to an MQTT message stream
  • Parse message strings
  • Use groov to display data from a message
  • Push data from groov and from a SNAP PAC controller to a message stream

For most of the activities, all you need are a groov Box running groov R3.3 or higher, and a few minutes to work through the examples.

The tutorial is available at

Create a Weather App with groov and Node-RED

Our newest Quick Start Guide—Create a Weather App with groov and Node-RED—will help you quickly develop a fully-functioning weather reporting application with minimal effort. You don’t even need to know groov; this tutorial walks you through each step from beginning to end.

The tutorial’s zip file contains code for a groov page prebuilt with gadgets to display weather data. It also contains code for Node-RED flows that get, package, and send data from the Weather Underground API to groov.

The tutorial’s download file is available at

Using SNAP PAC REST API with Excel Code Sample

A new OptoTutorial—Using the SNAP PAC REST API with Excel— helps you create a macro-enabled Microsoft Excel® worksheet that reads, writes, and charts values from a SNAP PAC R- or S-series controller.

One of the sample workbooks in the tutorial—Opto22_ReadingWritingSamples.xlsm—can be used as a development tool to generate API commands for your own custom code.

The tutorial’s download file is available at

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