Using Authorization headers

While you can provide API keys as query parameters on your requests, groov also accepts API keys as HTTP Basic Authorization headers. groov expects the API key to be provided as the username portion of the header, with no associated password.

For details on authorizing groov EPIC, see Using the groov View REST API with groov EPIC.

HTTP Basic Authorization expects the username and password to be separated by a colon, so if your API key is 123456abcdef, then your Authorization header will be 123456abcdef:. That value then needs to be base64 encoded and provided as an HTTP header in the form:

Authorization: Basic MTIzNDU2YWJjZGVmOg==

Where MTIzNDU2YWJjZGVmOg== is the base64 encoded form of 123456abcdef:.

If you’re using curl, you can provide your key as an HTTP Authorization Header by using the -u option:

$ curl -u 'MY_API_KEY:' -k ''