In the first example, we saw how to configure the groov View project and Data Store and then read a Data Store tag just to see that everything was working correctly.

Read a Tag Connected to a Gadget

  1. Go back to the simple Node-RED flow from the previous section.
    • If you need to recreate the flow, it is three nodes connected:
      1. A default Inject node, which is connected to a:
      2. groov View Read node, reading a variable named “integerTag1”, which is connected to:
      3. A default Debug node.
      4. Deploy the flow and test it out.
  2. In the groov View project, create a Text Input gadget for the “integerTag1” tag.
  3. Go to groov View, and change the value of the tag.
  4. Back in Node-RED, click the Inject node’s button (the square on the left-side of the node).
  5. In the Debug tab, you should see an entry with the tag’s new value.
Static Image
Click the image to start and stop the animation.

Further Help

Node-RED nodes include help documentation within Node-RED itself. For detailed help on the groov Read node, select the node in the node palette or one in a flow, and the help will be displayed in the Info tab.

Inline help for _groov_ Read node

Next Step

Continue on to writing Data Store tags.