“vsftpd is a GPL licensed FTP server for UNIX systems, including Linux. It is secure and extremely fast. It is stable.” - security.appspot.com/vsftpd.html

NOTE: Setting up and administering vsftpd on your groov EPIC is only for advanced developers who are familiar with both Linux shell commands and network administration. Once you enable Secure Shell access, you are on your own and will have to solve any issues that arise through your own knowledge and online research. Opto 22 product support is limited to helping you reset the groov EPIC processor to factory defaults; our Product Support engineers cannot help you with programming, usage, or troubleshooting.

CAUTION: Before updating groov EPIC firmware, be sure you back up any files or applications you have created, including files you have shared, as they will be deleted during the update. In addition, be aware that when you update EPIC firmware, your installation and FTP server setup will not be restored. You will need to repeat the steps in this guide after you have updated the firmware.

Installing vsftpd

  1. Log into SSH and use apt to update the package repositories.
  2. Use apt to install vsftpd.

Configuring vsftpd

A large part of configuring vsftpd is setting up a Linux user on the system that will share and access the file area.
Best practice dictates that this is NOT the same as the secure shell user.

  1. Add the new user via SSH and set the users password. Ensure that the username and password is both different from every other user on the system and the users password phrase is very long.
    sudo useradd [your-username]
    sudo passwd [your-username]

  2. Next, we need to open ports 20 and 21 on the groov EPIC firewall.
    Go to the groov Manage home screen, then select Security -> Firewall. Add the one rule covering both ports. In this example we are opening FTP for both the ETH0 and TUN0 interfaces.
        Title: vsFTP
        Protocol: tcp/udp
        Ports: 20:21
        eth0, tun0: enabled
        eth1, wlan0: disabled

  3. If you need to make changes to the default configuration, you can find the config file here:
    sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf

    • If you make any changes to the config file, restart the service:
      sudo /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart

Note: If you plan for the FTP user to also have access to the groov Manage unsecured file area, there are some changes that need to occur.
sudo nano /etc/passwd and change the user directory to /home/dev/unsecured, then set /home/dev/unsecured directory to the appropriate permissions.


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