OptoMMP Function Blocks

Does the OptoMMP client need to be called frequently?

Yes. All responses are processed by the client function block for all the request blocks. The client should be called at least once per cycle to ensure that responses are processed in a timely manner.

Why does my request function block always time out?

The most likely cause is that the client block is not being called every cycle. All responses are processed by the client function block.

Can I make more than one request at a time?

Yes, up to 16 multiple requests can be active at a time. Requests are initiated immediately, and then the responses are processed one at a time by the client.

If too many active requests have been made, the request blocks will have an MMP_ERROR.Client_Busy error.

Can a single MmpClient be used in multiple tasks?

No. The OptoMMP function blocks do not provide any internal synchronization to protect data integrity when being used from different tasks.