This Getting Started guide covers setting up your controller, configuring your groov EPIC processor (GRV-EPIC-PR1), groov Edge Appliace (GROOV-AR1), or computer for Node-RED and the PAC Control nodes, and provides a few examples of how to use Node-RED with a controller.


To use Node-RED for PAC Control, the following programs and packages should be installed on your computer:

  • PAC Project 9.5 or later
    • Download and install either PAC Project Pro or Basic
  • Firmware
    • SNAP PAC R-series or S-series controllers require firmware R9.5a or higher. The lastest firmware downloads are available here.
    • groov EPIC processors already have the PAC Control REST API in all versions.
  • Node-RED Runtime
    • The Node-RED Runtime is included in groov EPIC processors and the groov Edge Appliance.
    • Node-RED may also be installed on a computer or other supported device.
  • PAC Control nodes
    • The groov Edge Appliance includes an early version of the PAC Control nodes come. They should be updated to the latest version.
    • The PAC Control nodes need to be installed into Node-RED running on a groov EPIC processor or a computer.


Beyond the above prerequisites, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Configure the controller for the PAC Control REST API.
  2. Configure the nodes to communicate with the controller.
  3. Create flows in Node-RED to use the controller.

Each of these steps is described in the following sections.

Next Step

Continue to either configuring the groov EPIC or configuring the SNAP PAC controller.