If you’re using a GROOV-AR1 with Node-RED pre-installed, you can skip this section and continue to the Node-RED Hello, world! example or the PAC Control Node - Introduction section. You may want to update the pre-installed version to the latest available.

Install PAC Control Nodes

  1. Make sure that your groov EPIC processor or groov Edge Appliance can access the Internet. Details on this are in the groov EPIC Troubleshooting and groov Edge Appliance Troubleshooting sections..
  2. Open the Node-RED editor in your browser.
  3. Under the menu, select the Manage palette menu item. This will open the “Manage palette” view.
  4. Click the Install tab.
  5. Search for “node-red-contrib-pac” and click the Install button for it.

Next Step

If you’re new to Node-RED, continue to our Node-RED Hello, world! example.

If you already know Node-RED, you can jump to the PAC Control Node - Introduction section.